The Missing Ingredient

April 20, 2016
by Omar Abhari
  • The Right Ingredient: organic garden photo

I like to cook, so as you can imagine salt is very important to me, right up there with olive oil, onions, hot peppers and eggs. I love using Kosher salt because it’s much easier to handle and manage, more likely to spread evenly than the finer grains. But I digress. In the absence of salt, the whole thing sometimes just falls apart. No matter the quality of the cut of beef or the natural aroma of your homegrown organic produce, you skip the salt, and you’re in for some disappointment and a wasted opportunity. Similarly, your business might have every right ingredient, and the best ones at that. You also have the best chefs, the best recipes, the best equipment and the best kitchens. But you’re missing the salt.

We want to be that ingredient for your business. We want to compliment what you do. We don’t want to play a big part or small part in your project. We want to play the right part and for the right reason. The perfect ingredient for your success.

Welcome to Salt Creative.


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