Steve Jobs in 1997 – The Apple Turnaround

April 22, 2016
by Omar Abhari

This is quite an amazing video of an internal presentation Steve Jobs gave to Apple executives back in September of 1997, where he revealed the “Think Different” ad campaign. Whether you agree or not that the Apple turnaround had an overall positive impact on the human society, Steve Job’s approach as far as messaging is nothing short of brilliant, and simply so. He brings up the examples of Nike and the Dairy industry. How neither were selling the actual product in their ads. Nike was honoring (reads: selling) the athletes and athletics. They never really advertised the shoes. While the dairy industry finally succeeded after 20 years of declining sales with their “Got Milk?” campaign.  Jobs frames it nicely when he says”Got Milk doesn’t even talk about the product, [as] a matter of fact it focuses on the absence of the product”.


Apple Think different graphic


Again, amazing video, watch the whole thing if you can. Some of my favorite takeaways:

“marketing is about values”




“who is apple and what is it that we stand for”

To that second quote, you should always ask the same question about your business or organization. You need to know, always, who you are and what you stand for.


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