Very knowledgeable, available, and overall easy reliable people to work with. Helped us design a website for our new company and we absolutely love it. Omar provided extensive help while maintaining our desired design and brand image. Nothing but raving compliments from our site visitors including important industry professionals. I highly recommend this company to my own clients and suggest their services to anyone!
Nahiel Mulhem VP - Business Development, Travspire LLC
Not only did they design us a great website, but they held our hands through the entire process and worked with us to ensure that everything was to our satisfaction (even things that weren't necessarily part of their job) ! Like the other review states...they're very knowledgeable, available, reliable and easy to work with. They took something that used to be so OVERWHELMING to us and made it simple! Do yourself a favor and save yourself from feeling overwhelmed - it's worth it! The talent and expertise is here, but more importantly you're dealing with someone that has great work ethic and customer service...
Rebecca Snap Dollies Photography
Omar did an AMAZING job on our website and logo design! He was fast, thorough, and insightful! He far exceeded what I expected. I, like so many people initially created a website using basic templates found on many hosting sites. The end results was a flat, boring page. Omar created a fresh lively site, while maintaining the integrity of our content! We love it, but more importantly, our supporters do too
Kim Peterson Pink Three Breast Cancer Organization