What you do best is make your product or service great. What we do best is give you the tools to make sure everyone knows it.

Web (re)Development

Building your first website is a big deal. Let us bring our combined decades of experience to bear to help you stand out in a crowded digital world.

We pay extreme attention to details and will guide you through best practices, assist with content, and the right mix of design and photo elements. All websites built by us are 100% responsive and will work on all mobile devices.

WordPress Sites

When the budget is tight and the need for speed is of the essence to stay competitive, we can deliver a Fortune 500 class website on time and under budget.

WordPress is the most commonly deployed content management system (CMS) on the web; powering more than 60 million websites. A CMS gives your business the control and flexibility to make changes and apply updates to your own website without depending on outside help.

314 pixels can customize a theme for your business or design one from scratch. We will handle installation, set up, content formatting and insertion, and search engine optimization. We can deliver a fully functional WordPress site in 2-4 weeks.

Design & Branding

Our idea factory is the perfect place to give your business an identity that is precise and meticulously representative of who and what you are.

Digital Marketing

At times the product is superior, but it’s also a secret. We excel at defining and reaching your audience through search, social, display and other forms of marketing.

314 pixels can manage your online ad campaigns on your behalf. A search or display campaign isn’t about creating a few ads, letting them run and watch the visits/sales trickle in. There needs to be constant monitoring and tweaks to ad copy, designs, key words, cost per click (CPC), placement, day-parts, and geographic targeting, among other things.

We know how to build a campaign based on your product, that of your competition and your industry. We make adjustments to capture the most responsive audience and make sure to maximize the impact of your spend.

314 pixels can manage your campaigns on Google, Facebook, Bing and Youtube.

Strategy & Consulting

Your success is essential to ours. We act as an extension of your business. For all of your online-related projects and initiatives, we will help you with the solution.

We have experience in all things digital. So if you have a question or a need, we either have the answer or know how to get it, as we are partnered with many great companies in the areas of development, marketing, advertising and print.

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